About us

We are a Latvian company with international experience, specializing in development and maintenance of various Web solutions. The Keystone of our company is to go into the necessity of a particular IT solution, explore and understand how the developed solution will influence our clients business and what goals we will help them to achieve. Nowadays, the most important key to growth is a development of human knowledge and information technology, being aware of it, the future possibilities are limitless. Our team’s experience complements project, in which we developed information systems and various Web solutions for a start-up CatchSmart.com.

We operate not only in the Latvian market but also internationally.  In particular, we focus on the United States, China, India, and Korea. Catchsmart.com is one of our projects for which we have created a company in the USA, Washington. This company works with small and medium-sized businesses to deal with the reigning unemployment and overproduction in the world. As well as helping to fight the big corporations’ aggressive effects on the market that can harm local communities or businesses. We stand for small and medium-sized enterprise development and a safe environment with social guarantees.