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29 November 2018


CatchSmart.com is an online platform that CONNECTS PRODUCERS AND RETAILERS. Catchsmart.com works with small and medium-sized businesses to deal with the reigning unemployment and overproduction in the market. ADVANTAGES Promote your business locally Discover local goods and services Gain exposure and attract new customers Access the latest market data and trends Minimise the difficulties of […]

29 November 2018


An innovative spare part and repair system that controls TRANSPORT MAINTENANCE PROCESSES. Track and analyze data of all transport repairments, used parts, costs, time spent and easily keep up an effective cooperation with partner service stations. ADVANTAGES Automate all logistic processes involved in transportation repairs Oversee all repair applications, statuses and results at one place […]

29 November 2018

CatchSmart GAME

CatchSmart GAME is a free, interactive online game made to INCREASE YOUR BUSINESS VISIBILITY. With this gamification solution you’ll explore your neighborhood in a fun and entertaining way. You can create your business profile within a few minutes. ADVANTAGES Discover new businesses around you Find potential B2B clients and partners Become more visible and recognizable […]

29 November 2018


CatchPay is a smart solution, which ensures you an extremely CONVENIENT SHOPPING EXPERIENCE. Avoid standing in lines by purchasing all products beforehand. Once you’ve purchased products you need, pick them up at a specified time and location. ADVANTAGES Purchase products and services without queuing Easily find products and compare prices Fast payment and one click […]

29 November 2018

CARGO Platform

CARGO is a platform that connects and benefits CARGO OWNERS AND FREIGHT CARRIERS. This comprehensive and convenient platform allows you to optimize costs, manage cargo transportation and precisely oversee all data at both sides. ADVANTAGES Submit and get offers from various cargo owners and freight carriers Choose the best option for your business needs and […]

29 November 2018


CatchSmart quality control system is built to enhance production, product quality and employee productivity. Become more competitive and consolidate costs with an automated quality control system – customised to analyse specific data in production line, maintenance, equipment usage and other variables.   FEATURES Advanced process control system with centralised overview of daily work processes. Identify […]

27 June 2018